Brittney Bell Reynolds
5569 Luverne Hwy
Greenville, AL 36037

CURRICULUM VITAE                                                                                                                     

May 2011    Auburn University:  College of Veterinary Medicine:  Auburn, AL   D.V.M.
December 2006  Troy University:  College of Arts & Sciences:  Troy, AL  Biology  B.S.

Professional Experience:
Owner, Patches of Grace Veterinary Equine Services, November 2015 until present
Provides yearly wellness plans and care including vaccines, dental care, and physical exams to monitor patients progress and noted conditions. 
Ultrasonography for breeding and lameness. 
Digital radiography that can be taken and seen on site during lameness evaluations or emergencies. 
Neonatal care provided such as IgG tests, supportive care, and splinting legs with abnormalities.
Thorough lameness evaluations with nerve/joint blocks followed up with injections if needed. 
Theriogenology consults available. 
Wound care and management. 
Overnight hospitalization in outdoor stall or an indoor barn is available
Associate Veterinarian, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, October 2015 - present
Patient care focuses on critical care and referral cases from hospitals in the surrounding areas.
Provides wellness care and sees routine appointments as well.

Associate Veterinarian, Clay Hill Animal Clinic, Greenville, AL June 2013- October 2015.
Full time position focusing on building up the equine portion of the practice (sports medicine and lameness, ultrasonography, digital radiography, internal medicine, theriogenology, and neonatal care)
Provide after hours emergency coverage for the large and small animal practice
Responsible for scheduling appointments and follow up calls with all established and new clients

Small Animal Emergency Veterinarian, Southern Regional Veterinary Emergency Services, Dothan, AL July 15 -2012 until June -2013
Full time position focusing on after hour emergency care and hospitalization / monitoring
Provide after hour emergency coverage for various clinics in southeast Alabama, southwest Georgia, and northwest Florida
Provide abdominal ultrasonography consults on an emergency basis and also as a consult to the surgical team at SRVS 
Well-trained in UVIS and Vet Point computer systems for recording medical notes
Responsible for handling finances and all client / referring veterinarian communications for the emergency clinic
Assist in management of our blood donor program 

Equine Intern, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO June 20-2011 until June 20-2012
Rotating equine internship that includes rotations through equine surgery, internal medicine, theriogenology,  field service, and sports medicine
Primary responsibility for emergency field service calls and hospitalized patients that are referred in from the field after hours
Responsible for assessments, treatments, and pursuing further diagnostics of hospitalized patients on the various services
Received further training in diagnostics and the latest therapeutics in equine lameness in performance horses
Participant in weekly journal clubs on various topics within the specialties of equine sports medicine and surgery
Primary evaluator and participant in an ongoing clinical trial evaluating the response to administration of lidocaine in our post operative colic patients in the face of hypoproteinemia

Extern, Tennessee Equine Hospital, Thompson Station, TN, March 11-2011-May 8, 2011
Performed morning treatments and assessments of hospitalized patients
Responsible for all after hours care of hospitalized patients
Assisted with after hours emergencies both in the hospital and in the field
Received further training in lameness evaluations involving digital radiography, ultrasonography, and shockwave therapy

Extern, East Coast Equine, Vero Beach, FL, September 3-2010-September 17, 2010
Performed all morning treatments and assessments of hospitalized equine patients prior to morning rounds  
Responsible for after hours care of hospitalized patients and responded to emergency calls through the ambulatory service
Performed diagnostic and minor surgical procedures as well as assisted the equine surgeon with lameness evaluations, colic work ups, and wound management
Also assisted in the small animal clinic with the vaccination clinic, hospitalized patient’s management, and the after hours emergency calls

Advanced Research Assistant, Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, AL, January 2007-July 2007
Member of the drug development division
Managed drug preparation and administration in the laboratory for the purpose of animal research, mostly involving chemotherapeutic medications
Coordinated blood collection time points and analysis of plasma levels of the medications using the assistance of chromatography

Volunteer, Trojan Equine Services, Troy, AL, January 2006-November 2006
Participated in the large animal ambulatory practice by assisting the veterinarian with maintaining herd health, and with performing dental examinations, wound management, and lameness evaluations in the field
Developed practice management skills and techniques in distal limb radiography

Volunteer, Troy Animal Clinic, Troy, AL, February 2004-August 2006
Participated in the small animal practice with performance of minor surgical procedures
Developed practice management skills, hospitalized patient management skills, and techniques in performing spay / neuter procedures

Relevant / Elective Coursework:

Spring 2008 Equine Cases of the Week (1 cr)
Fall 2008 Advanced Reproductive Techniques (2 cr)
Fall 2009 Techniques in Small and Large Animal Ultrasound (2 cr)
Spring 2010 Equine Theriogenology (1cr)
Spring 2010 Equine Surgery (1cr)
Summer 2010 Equine Medicine (1cr)
Summer 2010 Equine Critical Care (1cr)
Fall 2010 Large Animal Ambulatory Medicine (1cr)
Fall 2010 Small Animal Critical Care (2 cr)
Spring 2011 Large Animal Ambulatory Medicine (1cr), Food Animal Clinics (1cr)

Professional Activities and Associations:

• Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association, National - 2007-2011
• Student Government Association, Auburn Veterinary Representative, Secretary - 2008-2009
• Student Chapter of Christian Veterinary Fellowship - 2007-2011
• Merck-Merial Summer Veterinary Student Scholarship Program - 2008
Honors and Awards: 
• Large Animal Intern of the Year Award, Colorado State VTH, Spring 2012
• Gentle Doctor Award, Auburn-CVM, Spring 2011
• James Banks Scholarship, Auburn-CVM, Fall 2008 - Spring 2008
• Chancellor Scholarship, Troy University, Fall 2002 - Spring 2006
• Athletic Cheerleading Scholarship, Troy University, Fall 2002-Spring 2006
• Beasley Hawlett Memorial Scholarship, Troy University, Fall 2002-Spring 2003
• Tri Beta National Honor Society, Troy University, inducted Fall 2005

Professional Presentations:
Bell, B.L. and Landers, S.C. 2007. Endocytosis and digestion in the parasitic dinoflagellate Haplozoon. Troy University, College of Arts and Sciences. Southeastern Biology 54: 322-323.
Bell, B. L. and Wells, E. G. 2008. Comparison of Manual and Advia 120 Hematology System Reticulocyte Counts in Dogs and Cats. Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine.  Merck-Merial National Scholars Symposium Manual pg. 99.